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frequently asked questions

Why us a live in service?
A live in pet sitting service offers the ultimate peace of mind.  You do not need to worry about animals fretting whilst away from home out of their own routine.  Having a sitter stay is much less stressful for your pet and in many cases they thrive in our care!  Our sitters will lovingly give them their undivided attention and generally spoil them rotten in the process.  They are walked according to their own routine; in fact often over and above this (health permitting) as many of our sitters are keen walkers.  Your house will also be cared for and kept clean, tidy and aired whilst gardens are maintained and watered.

Do you not offer a pop in service?
We only offer a live in service as we believe that this is much better for your pets and home.  Our insurance is specifically tailored to our service so we are only able to take responsibility for your home and pets if our sitters are on site.

I don't have any pets; can I still use your service?
Yes!  We regularly care for larger properties without pets and are used to dealing with their particular requirements.  In cases of probate of house sales we are able to provide long term care and property management services.  Please contact us for further details.

Will I get a single sitter or a couple?
Our sitters are generally couples although you only actually pay for one of them.  However we can provide either a single lady or gentleman sitter if this would better suit your requirements.

How can I be sure my dog will settle with your sitters?
There is no absolute guarantee that your pets will settle with our sitters.  However we employ people who are animal lovers and are looking to maintain contact with them, often after loosing their own much loved pets.  This tends to mean that pets take to them extremely quickly, especially when they realise that they are being well cared for, not to mention spoilt rotten!  There have been many circumstances over the years where our clients have worried about pets only for them to be at home lapping up the extra attention!  We always arrange a prelim visit prior to your first sit so that your pets can get to know the sitters.  We do a lot of work with nervous or rescue pets and are happy to arrange a few visits if required.  Some clients also choose to have a 'test run' prior to the sit and leave their pets for just a few days.  Unlike many similar companies we are more than happy to arrange this for you as it can be beneficial to everyone concerned.

Where do you find your sitters?  Are you an agency?
We are not an agency.  We employ our sitters, spend time getting to know them well and work with them on a daily basis.  Pet and Property Sitters only employ sitters of the highest integrity and pride ourselves on our friendly, reliable, capable team.  As employees they will act under direct instruction from us according to our sit guidelines.  All are animal lovers.  Most are retired.  They are all police, employment and reference checked.  We always interview prospective sitters in person, in their own homes rather than relying on a telephone interview like similar companies.

Will I get to meet the sitters prior to the sit?
Except from in the case of an emergency you will always meet your sitters prior to any booking as we feel this is essential.  We will try and arrange this visit as soon as possible for your own peace of mind.  This visit gives you and your pets the opportunity to get to know your sitter and ensure they are suitable for you.  In turn they will be able to get to know your pets, property and general routine.  They will bring with them a Checklist which provides a run down of your requirements along with a Property Sit Information Sheet to note important details.  If you would like to provide your own detailed notes this would also be welcomed! For further information on arranging a sit click here.

What if I feel the sitter is unsuitable after the prelim?
We work hard to ensure that we match you with a sitter who we believe will be suitable to your requirements.  Years of experience and the way in which we choose a sitter for you makes it unlikely that you will not 'gel'.  However, there can very occasionally be times where you may not find them suitable for whatever reason.  If this is the case, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will endeavor to provide you with an alternative sitter.

Is your service insured?
Yes, we have Public and Employers Liability Insurance and our service itself is also fully insured.

If we need to speak to you regarding a booking will we get lost in a call centre?
No!  Although we have a growing number of sitters we are a family run company with a small office team who pride ourselves on a personal touch.  You will always speak to someone you know by name who in turn knows your requirements, booking history and pets.

How will the sitters spend their time?
While staying in your home sitters will care for it as if it were their own.  They will ensure the house remains clean, tidy and aired and will see to day to day household chores ensuring plants are watered, telephone messages taken, callers politely dealt with and gardens maintained.  They will care for your pets are per their normal routing according to the instructions given to them on your checklist and during your prelim visit.  If you would like your sitters to complete tasks which could be considered 'over and above' standard care simply let us know and we can discuss arrangements with you.

I walk my dog away from my local area; will the sitters drive my car?
Some sitters may well be happy to take your dogs out in their own cars.  However, if you agree that it would be better to take your own vehicle you will need to ensure that you have covered them on your insurance.

What happens if there is a problem on a sit?
We remain in telephone contact with our sitters during the sit to ensure that everything is running smoothly.  Should a problem arise they will contact the office straight away.  If the problem is with the property we will refer to the instructions and contact details supplied to us on your Property Sit Information Sheet.  If you have supplied a contact for basic repairs we will contact them an make necessary arrangements.  If no details are present we will contact a locally sourced supplier to ensure household repairs are rectified immediately.  We will of course endeavor to contact you to make you aware of the situation, especially in the case of  major repairs.  If there is a concern with one of your pets we will contact your vet immediately and arrange for treatment.  Our sitters are all professional and capable of dealing with any eventuality.  However, a member of the Pet and Property Management team will visit your home immediately if required.  We choose to only cover Northern England to ensure that this is possible.

What happens if a sitter is taken ill?
Should your sitter be taken ill immediately prior to your sit we will endeavor to arrange an immediate replacement.  Whenever possible we will then arrange a prelim visit, although in an emergency this is not always possible.  Our sitters are all experienced and able to adapt in these situations.  If a sitter is taken ill, has an accident or suffers a family emergency during your sit replacement sitters will be immediately provided, by a member of the management team if need be!

What do I do about food for the sitter?
As part of our service we ask you to leave a provisions allowance of £6 per 24 hours for your sitter.  This charge applies to one sitter only.  In turn they will provide all their own food along with bedding and towels.  They will not use your stores.

What do I need to provide for the sitter?
In accordance with our standard terms of booking your sitter will provide their own provisions.  In turn you are expected to pay them their provisions allowance and travel expenses when they arrive.  They will bring their own bedding and towels etc unless alternative arrangements are made.  It would be useful if you could provide them with a little hanging space along with space in your fridge/freezer.

What if my return is delayed?
We always try to be as flexible as possible so if your return is delayed for any reason simply contact the sitter or our office and let us know.  It is our policy for sitters to not leave the property until they know that clients are near to home unless you can make arrangements for a third party to take responsibility.  In no circumstances would we leave an animal without care.  If a sitter was due at another assignment alternative arrangements would be made.

Are you able to care for my elderly parents?
Pet and Property Sitters are unable to care for any property when anyone else is in situ due to the terms of our insurance.  Should family members be in a contained or adjacent property then we are happy to discuss your requirements with you and see if we might be able to help.

Someone else will be present during the sit, is this okay?
Unfortunately we are unable to carry out a property sit is anyone else is in situ due to to the terms of our insurance.  We are unable to take responsibility for a property is any other person is present due to security risks as it opens up a debate as to who locks doors, tends fires, opens windows and sets alarms etc.

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